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Watch a Film With a Critical Eye

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Filmmakers know that they won’t always have the audience’s undivided attention. Characters’ names might be repeated a couple of times to ensure they’re heard; really significant plot points are highlighted with incidental music so that the audience doesn’t miss them. The less engaged an audience is, the harder it is to spot the many aspects of film making that go into a successful or unsuccessful movie – acting, directing and cinematography are all things you might not notice if you’re watching without a critical eye.

How do you say I’m watching a movie?

However, if you watch a ดูหนัง with the intention of analysing it, there are countless things to take note of. One thing to do is consider the sound track – when do the sounds become intrusive? Do they match the action of the film, or are they a distraction? Another thing is to consider camera angles. When do they linger on a particular character, and what does that say about their relationship to the film?

You can also take note of the lighting, and the set design. It is easy to miss some of these details if you’re not paying attention, but once you begin to look out for them you might find you have a soft spot for a certain film that you would never have noticed before.

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